Check Out These Toyota Land Cruiser Safety Features

Looking for a luxury SUV? Look at the Toyota Land Cruiser before making that purchase.

The Blind Spot Information System that comes in the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is designed to make highway driving safer for all on the road. If any vehicle is in one of the blind spots around you, your side mirror will flash to give you a warning to not proceed in that lane until the alerts have stopped.

The Cross-Traffic Alert system is a radar that scans around the Toyota Land Cruiser when you are in reverse, looking for traffic coming that could get too close for comfort. If you get the alert another vehicle is moving in your space, simply stop until the road is clear for you to continue in reverse.

Now you have the chance to take the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser for a test drive when you get down to see us at Charles Maund Toyota.

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