The All-New Toyota Corolla and Important Safety Features

One of the things we like to do at Charles Maund Toyota is educate buyers before getting a new car. Here are a few safety features in the Toyota Corolla that make it such a popular compact car.

The Lane-Keeping System in the all-new Toyota Corolla is going to help protect a driver from leaving the safety of the lanes when tired or possibly distracted. Sensors monitor the position of the vehicle and will begin to vibrate the steering wheel like you were driving over rumble strips if drifting from the lane occurs.

In an effort to help keep you safe when driving, the new Toyota Corolla is equipped with a Pre-Collision Assist system that can identify a collision-risk and avoid the trouble. If a threat is detected, the driver will receive a number of visual warnings before the system starts to precharge the brakes and help avoid a rear-end collision with other vehicles on the road.



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