Tips for Saving on Gas this Summer

Save On Gas this Summer with These Great Tips

With all of the fun to be had during summer, you’re probably going to do some more driving. So we put a list together to help you save on gas!

  1. Develop Better Driving Habits: This may be obvious, but it can make a huge impact. If you’re accelerating fast or braking suddenly, you lose out on mileage
  2. Check your Tires: If you don’t monitor your tire pressure, you could be decreasing your MPG. Regularly check your tires to make sure they’re at the right level
  3. Drop Excess Weight: If you want to boost your MPG, dropping some of that extra cargo can help. The less weight the better
  4. Old Engine Oil:Routinely changing your engine oil can help at the pump. Check your owner’s manual to see when you should be scheduling a service

While these are just a few tips to help you save, we thought they were great for our Texas drivers!

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