Toyota Land Cruiser: Tough SUV For Off-Road Navigation

As one of the toughest SUVs in North America, the new Toyota Land Cruiser carries a premium price tag. Available for a test drive at Charles Maund Toyota, this durable model has an impressive design that's optimized for off-road handling.

The Land Cruiser has a unitized body that consists of 10 members with high-tensile steel. This robust frame is engineered to resist major damage at high-speed collisions with moving vehicles or stationary obstacles. Reinforced metallic door beams also absorb energy from side collisions.

This acclaimed Toyota SUV is equipped with several mechanical features that prevent damage from interaction with a harsh environment. Having a limited-slip mechanism, the TORSEN differential keeps the wheels rotating at desired speeds on rough terrains. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System mitigates the effects of shocks and bumps from harsh trails. This advanced suspension has a sway bar that automatically disconnects for enhanced off-road performance.



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