Enjoy These Toyota Tacoma Safety Features

Now that Charles Maund Toyota has the popular midsize pickup truck, the new Toyota Tacoma, on our lot, we thought this would be a great time to share a few features motorists enjoy.

Get your new Toyota Tacoma out on the highway and then select your cruising speed by activating the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Unlike older systems, this one will scan ahead for a lead car and use it to create a buffer zone. That buffer is to keep you safe, and will be maintained automatically by your vehicle when it brakes and accelerates automatically.

Your new Tacoma has a Blind Spot Information system working behind the scenes to help protect the driver and other motorists out on the highway. When the radars detect another vehicle has moved into one of your blind spots, this is when your side mirror starts flashing in an effort to get your attention and to keep you from changing lanes.



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