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Special Lease Program 

ONLY for UBER Drivers. 

EXCLUSIVELY through CMT Fleet Services. You MUST call this number FIRST. Call Monday-Friday 9a-5p for your Authorization.

Call for your Authorization first. 


Our Uber partners turn to us when they need help getting a new automobile. 

We offer special vehicle discounts and financing so you can start driving today!

*Automatic Payments 

Affordable weekly payments are automatically deducted from your weekly Uber earnings.

*Scheduled Maintenance Included

Every Bama Commercial Lease includes, scheduled maintenance: Oil changes, Tire Rotations, Air and Cabin Filters, EVEN TIRES AND BRAKES!

*High Mileage Lease 

30,000 miles per year lease with an unlimited mileage option. 

*Quality Vehicles

Corolla LE, Camry LE, Camry SE- note, Camry SE qualifies for Uber Select.

*Flexible Lease Program 

A 36 month lease that allows drivers to opt out of vehicle after 30 days with just 2 weeks' notice. 

You MUST call for your authorization FIRST. Program is NOT available WITHOUT Authorization. Call Monday-Friday 9a-5p for your authorization.

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